Roleplaying with Doctor Who!

Character Sheet: Selene

Selene is not the Nth Doctor’s first companion but she has remained with him longer than any of her predecessors. A cheerful, eager young mechanic from sixty-fourth century Earth, Selene possesses an extraordinary aptitude—and, indeed, affection—for engineering and technology. It is this specific skill set that captured the Doctor’s attention and the reason that he coerced her into boarding the TARDIS and leaving her world behind. Not only does Selene buoy the Doctor’s spirits during his darkest moods, she has also proven invaluable during those life or death moments that hinge on deactivating mechanical deathtraps or repairing an indispensable gadget. In attributes, Selene’s coordination, ingenuity, and presence are more developed than her resolve or strength. In skills, her superiority in craft, science, and technology shine. Though the Doctor has promised Selene the opportunity to learn the universe’s grand mysteries, the two travelers are bound by a fateful yet unspoken bargain: he harbors a secret project which requires her finely honed expertise, and she is unable to return home without his cooperation.



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