Roleplaying with Doctor Who!

“Contagion of the Daleks”

“Contagion of the Daleks” (1ND02)
by Andrew Peregrine

Game Master: Adam   Player: Brian
Game Date: 15 February 2014

Characters: The Doctor, Selene
Adversaries: The Daleks
Time: 6 January 2212 CE
Space: Zelos Beacon, Deep Space

Available: IN PDF


Synopsis: On Zelos Beacon, a forgotten science station drifting at the edge of known space, the Doctor and Selene encounter a sole human survivor. The raving madman speaks of celestial understanding and metal demons. These riddles veil a terrifying revelation. Though the Dalek Empire has been devastated, its vast armies crushed, they too cling to life. The base code for Dalek revival lies here, deep within the mainframe of a computer fighting for its newfound sentience, and the Doctor will do anything to prevent their resurrection.


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