Roleplaying with Doctor Who!

“The Hartlewick Horror”

“The Hartlewick Horror” (1ND03)
by Ray Winninger

Game Master: Adam   Player: Brian
Game Date: 13 April 2014

Characters: The Doctor, Selene
Adversaries: Gib-Thothath, The Serad-Dur
Allies: Cambridgeshire Constabulary
Time: 25-27 May 1932 CE
Space: Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom, Earth

Available: IN PRINT


Synopsis: Residents in the sleepy village of Hartlewick are being dragged from their homes in the night. The local constabulary are dumbfounded by the circumstances surrounding these bizarre abductions, but help soon arrives in the form of one Dr. John Smith of Scotland Yard and his plucky young assistant, a pair of investigators as brilliant as they are unconventional. From the halls of stately Cheltenwick House to the druidic burial mounds of Six Leagues Bottom, the Doctor and Selene confront a baffling array of suspects. Each line of inquiry serves to further illuminate the startling history of crime and punishment that has inspired an occult mythology surrounding the Demon Servants of An-Amon.


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