Roleplaying with Doctor Who!

New Adventures

PCaREGA bold new series of Doctor Who is underway. As Peter Capaldi dominates our screens in the guise of the cantankerous Twelfth Doctor, challenging mythical heroes and conquering primal fears, preparations are being made for the long-awaited return of our tabletop alternative: Richard E Grant as the Nth Doctor. The first series of our Doctor Who role-playing campaign came to a dramatic end with “The Origin of Evil,” in which the Rani revealed that this Doctor’s greatest fears are taking shape. The Divinity, an ancient and evil race that the Doctor had thought wiped from existence, have survived. For millennia these hateful beings have been twisting human history to exact a cruel revenge. The Doctor has never been more driven—or more dangerous.

The adventure continues with the forthcoming second series premiere. Hidden in human history, the Divinity wait. The Doctor and Selene continue to struggle for control as the Time Lords manipulate their lives. The Master, his black soul and secret knowledge preserved in a robotic body, has awakened. And a new companion from an exotic, far-away period in Earth’s history is ready to step through the doors of the TARDIS and experience all that the universe has to offer.

Brace yourself for an all-new Doctor Who. Updates are imminent.


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