Roleplaying with Doctor Who!


Cover006a“Catatonia” (2ND02)
by Nick Huggins

Game Master: Adam   Players: Brian, Erin
Game Date: 8 January 2015

Characters: The Doctor, The Master, Selene, Mohana
Adversaries: The Poc Unity
Time: 8 January 2015 CE
Space: Greater London, England, Earth

Available: IN PDF


Synopsis: At the Majestic, a condemned hotel in north London, the destitute and the dispossessed gather to seek refuge. They share a woeful lifestyle with the stray cats who roam the derelict’s dilapidated halls. When the Doctor, Selene, and Mohana arrive amid the driving rain of a winter storm, they find a people in desperate need of help but unwilling to place their trust in strangers. One by one, the squatters of the Majestic are being subdued, rendered comatose by an unrelenting telepathic force. Struggling to rally this fractured community, the Doctor and his companions witness a terrifying shift in the status quo: as men and women lose their minds, the feral cats of this forgotten place gain in strength and power!


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