Roleplaying with Doctor Who!

Character Sheet: Mohana

A courtesan from twenty-third century Jodhpur in India, Mohana Sundraju has lived most of her life as a companion in a gilded cage, enjoying great luxury whilst confined within palace walls. When a temporal disruption left her stranded in time, she embraced the opportunity to escape and found her salvation behind the doors of a battered old police box. Mohana is a passionate woman possessing seductive charms, well-educated in matters of music, dancing, culture, and the arts. She is also adept at reading others, able to discern the deep-seated feelings and desires of men and women alike. In attributes, Mohana’s presence is overwhelming. In skills, her ability to convince and deceive overshadow her weaknesses as a warrior or technician. Possessing a selfish streak and an insatiable curiosity, Mohana is captivated by the enigma of the Doctor—the most powerful and puzzling man that she has ever encountered, a man with dark secrets and an impenetrable facade—and she is determined to share in his bold exploration of new and exciting cultures as he travels through time and space.



2 responses

  1. Passing Stranger

    Shouldn’t the Hypnosis ability be at Minor level? Major “verges on mind control, and not the sort of thing a companion would do”.

    14/03/2015 at 10:14 PM

    • We allowed the player to choose her traits, and this one was intended to capture the sheer influence of Mohana’s powers of persuasion. You’re right, however. As she is a companion, we can but hope that Mohana will be using her talents for the right reasons!

      16/03/2015 at 3:33 AM

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