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“Planet of Ghosts”

Cover008b“Planet of Ghosts” (2ND04)
by Trevor Baxendale

Game Master: Adam   Players: Brian, Erin
Game Date: 23 August 2015

Characters: The Doctor, The Master, Selene, Mohana
Adversaries: The Daleks
Time: 13-19 October 6382 CE
Space: Arkheon, Kappa Galanga Sector

Continuity: The final adventure featuring Selene.


Synopsis: As war rages with the Dalek Empire, the Galactic Union’s border worlds fall one-by-one. Rescued from a Dalek death trap by a motley band of bounty hunters, the Doctor, Selene, and Mohana witness the devastation of the fighting first hand as refugee fleets burn and whole planets are incinerated. A violent clash aboard the mercenary starship itself leaves Selene frozen in cryonic suspension, her life hanging in the balance, as the bounty hunters who saved her ruthlessly secure a captured Dalek. Though subjected to cruel torture, the mutant captive responds only to the voice of its most hated enemy: the Doctor.

Dalek military movements in the sector, it reveals, centre around a single strategic point in space and time. Following this lead, the Doctor and companions both new and old soon find themselves deep beneath the surface of Arkheon, the fabled Planet of Ghosts, where the Daleks have begun construction on a device of staggering scope and power. If activated, it has the potential to alter the very timeline of the war. The Doctor and his allies must risk all in a desperate bid to free the prisoners of the Daleks and end their dangerous operations on Arkheon, or the human race will be exterminated once and for all.

Teaser: “Planet of Ghosts”

Fiction001THE DOOR closed with a terrible crash as the Doctor stepped into the flooded control room. If the window on the police box’s panelled door had not already been cracked, the force of it would have surely split the glass. As he trudged through the murky brine from the Sea of Lodos that had poured into the impossibly cavernous space of the TARDIS’s interior, the Doctor glanced first to his sodden boots in disappointment, then offered the three figures standing around the console a stare that unleashed all of the ice-cold ire that had long been burning behind his sharp blue eyes. Selene was too frightened to move a muscle.

The Doctor’s quilted cape flashed before his lean, sullen face in a whirl of emerald green and his hand was then before him, a solitary finger stabbing through the air like the tip of an outstretched dagger. He was pointing at the Master. “You’re a part of the TARDIS now, whether I like it or not. The Time Lords have seen to that. Your betrayal was inevitable. There’s nothing I can do with you.”