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HMS Ignorance

Ignorance001b“We’re the least heroic heroes in the world! We just walk around getting beaten up and captured… It’s not even like a heroic duty. It’s not like we bravely tried to save the universe and failed. We just got into a brawl!”

We’ve learned that when you’re not able to sit down with friends at your own gaming table, it’s nice to be able to observe others at play on blogs or YouTube. Thanks to the power of the internet, role-players are able to imaginatively take a seat at each other’s tables. One of our favorite Doctor Who role-playing campaigns presented online is undoubtedly the HMS Ignorance series, hosted by NinjaConor. A master of gaming, playthrough documentaries, and quick-witted commentary, it’s no surprise that Conor is a marvelous game master and his Doctor Who-inspired campaign is non-stop fun.

In the great tradition of Jago & Litefoot or the Paternoster Gang, HMS Ignorance serves as a sort of light-hearted yet action-driven Doctor Who spin-off. The series stars Kevin as Cricket, a roguish Ood, Sue as Pussy, a timid Catkind, Manuel as Bob, an even-tempered human cyborg, and Conor himself as Commodore 65, the hulking robot sidekick. Together, this band of misfits and fortune seekers find themselves bumbling into some of the weirder corners of the cosmos, running from monstrous enemies and inadvertently saving a few planets in the process.

On YouTube, recordings of each adventure are accompanied by a series of humorous still images in which the universe of the Ignorance and its crew is rendered in Lego form. The cast of characters is endearing, the players provide endless laughs, and the stories themselves offer moments of breathtaking action and genuine suspense. Not only are these sessions wildly entertaining, they also offer noteworthy insight into the gameplay of Cubicle 7’s Doctor Who role-playing game. Looking for an example of the Doctor Who RPG rules in action? Look no further. Above all, these adventures are fun! They provide a true model for role-playing in the Doctor Who universe.

All of the stories—from the inaugural adventure, “HMS Ignorance,” to the suspenseful “Sector 12B,” currently unfolding—are available online. Visit NinjaConor’s playlist for HMS Ignorance to watch in slack-jawed disbelief as Cricket and his eccentric crew save the universe, entirely by accident.