Roleplaying with Doctor Who!

Recipe: Red Jelly Baby

Recipe001Our recent “Day of the Doctor” marathon, designed to recreate the revelry of those celebrations surrounding Doctor Who‘s fiftieth anniversary, brought with it a bevy of themed food and drink as each television adventure was accompanied by its own hand-picked pick-me-up. We’ve been sharing a few of those recipes in the hopes that they might be reimagined as titillating refreshment for Doctor Who role-playing sessions.  By the time that Matt Smith and David Tennant took to the screen in the latter half of the day, it seemed fitting that we found ourselves reaching for something a bit more saccharine. Fortunately, our drinks planner had a tipple for each of the Doctor’s many moods.

IMG_0228aThe Red Jelly Baby is a cocktail designed to capture all of the sweetness and familiar comfort of its namesake. Combining cherry vodka, triple sec, grenadine, peach schnapps, and a healthy dose of Sprite, it resembles various drink recipes inspired by Gummy Bears or similar sugar candies. What is most remarkable about the Red Jelly Baby is just how well it captures the strawberry flavor of biting into one of Bassett’s Brilliants. The drink is lush, fruity, and, above all, sweet. With a sip, you can hear the rich, playful tones of Tom Baker’s voice in your ear. Here is a drink that would serve to perfectly complement a role-playing session based on the Fourth Doctor Sourcebook. The Curator of the Undergallery would, no doubt, approve.

For complete and surprisingly specific instructions, be sure to study Alex Murphy and Nicole Beckerman’s recipe for the Red Jelly Baby—which details not only the constituent ingredients but also the precise order in which you should arrange your Jelly Baby garnish to best emulate that celebrated scarf!


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