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Recipe: The Ginger Scotch

Recipe001The Nth Doctor is a man defined by his appetites. In contrast to many of his predecessors, this epicurean Time Lord always finds the time to enjoy a meal or a fine cigar. When the TARDIS lands on an alien starship or amid some historic crisis, it’s typical for the Doctor to gain his bearings by first seeking out a drink. In his adventures thus far he’s enjoyed a spot of Elystrian burned wine, a Drashani Syrah, brandy, prosecco, gin, and classic cocktails ranging from the colony to the sidecar. It seems fitting that we find the time to post the occasional drink recipe for the sort of pick-me-ups well-suited to the Doctor Who game table. That said, the latest cocktail is mixed in tribute not to the Doctor but to one of his great television companions.

IMG_0248aThe Ginger Scotch—better known to Whovians as an Amy Pond—is as bright and invigorating a drink as its ruby complexion would suggest. Any tipple mixed in tribute to the one and only Amelia Pond would have to be both sharp and sweet, of course. The Ginger Scotch delivers. In make-up, it’s not unlike a Mamie Taylor or Glasgow Mule. Combining ginger beer, black cherry juice, grenadine, bitters, and, of course, Scotch, this blend teeters between savory and sweet, imparting the same fierce flavor as Karen Gillan’s performance. (Our Ponds were mixed with Gosling’s Ginger Beer, which brought just the right bite.) If your character sheet calls for a companion that is both adventurous and reckless, stubborn and also fun-loving, sharp but also sweet, then you might consider mixing up a batch for your next game day.

For a full recipe, be sure to take down the details provided for an Amy Pond at Nicole Beckerman’s  Doctor Who Cocktails blog.