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A Time to Change

Target3It seems like only yesterday that the Doctor and Selene were stepping out of the TARDIS and onto the beach at Arrowdown, ready to face an uncertain future and terrors untold. That was “Ghost Town,” the inaugural module in our ongoing campaign based on the Doctor Who Roleplaying Game from Cubicle 7. It launched an unforgettable run of adventures that has taken our players from the battlefields of Roman Britain to the flowering jungles of Vortis to the depths of the Atlantic Ocean in the belly of the Titanic. The Doctor and his companions—the robot Master, Selene, Mohana, and Alison—have toppled madmen and undead gods and alien killing machines. The Daleks and the Divinity came closest to ending their journey, but with carefully chosen traits and a few well-played story points, our heroes triumphed over evil time and again. The Doctor and the TARDIS are eternal. On television and at the gaming table, their story will never end.

That’s important to remember, as change is coming. The Dark Dimension is about to be renewed. The incarnation of the Doctor brought so memorably to life by Richard E Grant in “Scream of the Shalka,” star of our campaign, has dark days ahead as our game narrative is jumping forward to depict his defiant last stand. The time has come for an historic first in our campaign, the first regeneration—and the moment has been prepared for. Players and game masters will be switching roles, and there will be a shake-up in the status quo.

A regeneration is imminent, but that doesn’t mean we’re done telling stories with the Nth Doctor. Though we’ll be introducing the Doctor’s next incarnation and a new take on the ongoing story arc, there will be plenty of opportunities to play out the untold stories of the Nth Doctor’s era in the future. Going forward, the Dark Dimension will feature twice the Doctors. This will expand our ongoing original narrative and add some variety to the proceedings. Ultimately, each player in the campaign will have the opportunity to create their own Doctor. It’s been great fun developing an original take on the mythology of Doctor Who using “Scream of the Shalka” as a starting point. That mythology is going to take on a greater richness and vibrancy as our cast of Doctors begins to expand.

Who is the companion destined to board the TARDIS during its time of peril? Will the Doctor at last break free of the oppressive control of the Time Lords? Can the Master resist his hideous true nature? What is to be the Doctor’s final fate, and what sort of man will emerge from the ashes of his regeneration? Time, and a roll of the 2D6, will tell.

“Blind Eye”

Cover14b“Blind Eye” (10ND04)
by Morgan Davie

Game Master: Erin   Players: Brian, Adam
Game Date: 8 May 2016

Characters: The Doctor, The Master, Alison
Adversaries: Clockwork Robots, The Weeping Angels
Allies: The Indian Space Agency
Time: 15 July 2385 CE
Space: SS Marie-Anne Lavoisier, Sol System



Synopsis: Class is in session when the Doctor and Alison become the subjects of a peculiar lesson in a most peculiar school. The artificial gravity, perception filters, and clockwork teachers suggest a sinister curriculum at work, and expulsion from the classroom means certain death in the depths of space! Even the atmosphere of this strange place is toxic, burning the eyes and confusing the senses. Soon, the Doctor and Alison are running blind, relying on students to lead them in a desperate study of their surroundings. Together, they learn that the clockwork teachers are being directed by a more powerful and malevolent force: the Lonely Assassins who feed on time and wait in shadows for a moment of blindness in which to strike.

Teaser: “Blind Eye”

Fiction001HOSPITAL. She must be in hospital.

Through eyes still bleary with sleep, Alison Cheney found herself staring at a shield of gleaming glass just beyond the tip of her nose. And light. White light. There was a white light, as if the chamber around her was lit from within. The impulse to cover her eyes only served to demonstrate that she could not move her arms. There were heavy straps at her wrists and ankles. And it felt like hospital, the air cold and antiseptic and strangely still. Something must have happened. Something must have gone wrong. She must be in hospital.

Alison coughed, her throat sore, mind struggling amid a fog of uncertainty. But how could she be in hospital? She and the Doctor had been in ancient Babylon. She had begged for ancient Greece, and the TARDIS had brought her there. They had been looking for Herodotus, the Father of History. The last thing she remembered was standing at the Ishtar Gate, arguing with the Doctor over the bogus map he’d been foolish enough to buy from some Persian Del Boy.


“Time and Tide”

Cover013b“Time and Tide” (10ND03)
by David Agnew

Game Master: Erin   Players: Brian, Adam
Game Date: 13 February 2016

Characters: The Doctor, The Master, Alison
Adversaries: The Timeline Sculptors
Allies: Margaret Brown
Time: 14-15 April 1912 CE
Space: RMS Titanic, North Atlantic Ocean, Earth



Synopsis: On the eve of one of the greatest tragedies in maritime history, the Doctor and Alison board the RMS Titanic. Alison is troubled by the prospect of playing a role in the disaster, but the Doctor is insistent: the ship must sink if the timeline is to remain intact. A strange apprehension has gripped Captain Edward Smith, however, inspiring him to take certain precautions that may well undermine fate. As the Doctor and Alison begin a frantic investigation, they feel as if their movements are being tracked by a number of marble statues, artful sculptures that seem able to move about the ship of their own free will. A familiar force has stowed away aboard Titanic, a force intent on corrupting the future of the human race. With the Doctor doing everything in his power to preserve the tragic course of history, time itself becomes an enemy. At 23:40 ship’s time, Titanic collides with an iceberg. From that moment on, everything and everyone remaining aboard is destined to reach the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean—including the Doctor, Alison, and the TARDIS!

Teaser: “Time and Tide”

Fiction001ALISON FELT the sear of his condescending stare even before she dropped the oyster shell and fork from her lips. She swallowed hard, sending a dose of lemon and brine as acidic as the lecture she was no doubt about to endure plunging toward her already unsettled stomach, then looked up.

Beyond the serving platters, silverware, and glassware scattered across the tablecloth sat the Doctor, as starched as the silk bib shirt he was wearing, his black dinner jacket and white bow tie immaculate and unruffled. Here was an unimpeachable figure, a self-proclaimed fixed point, a true lord of time. And yet, on closer inspection, one could spy a spot of sauce upon his dinner jacket collar. Staring at it, Alison suppressed a snicker. The image was just about perfect.


“Barge of the Dead”

Cover012b“Barge of the Dead” (10ND02)
by Peter Gilham

Game Master: Erin   Players: Brian, Adam
Game Date: 12 December 2015

Characters: The Doctor, The Master, Alison
Adversaries: Sebek
Time: 2 February 2674 CE
Space: Ship of Sobek, Deep Space



Synopsis: A great stone funeral barge moves through space, its course set for a fateful rendezvous. Venturing aboard, the Doctor and Alison find that this floating tomb serves as the resting place of Sebek, an ancient and powerful Osiran. Though the Doctor is relieved to know that the infamously savage crocodile god has long since passed on, he soon realizes that their presence has returned life to this previously dormant crypt. Mechanical scarabs scuttle in shadows, crocodilian warriors rise from stasis, and servicer robots resume their patrols of the stone labyrinths. When Alison encounters a gang of tomb raiders in the depths of the ship’s vast treasure vaults, an unpredictable new element is added to an already volatile mix. Some of these scavengers are after more than mere riches, breaking down the walls that divide the living and the dead. In the throne room, a colossal corpse stirs. Sebek the Rager—God of Crocodiles, Pointed of Teeth, the Strength of the Pharaohs—has been reborn!

Teaser: “Barge of the Dead”

Fiction001“YOU GENTLEMEN can watch while I’m scrubbin’ the floors, and I’m scrubbin’ the floors while you’re gawkin’. And maybe once ya tip me and it makes ya feel swell, in a ratty waterfront in a ratty old hotel, but you’ll never guess to whom you are talking…”

Though the sound of Lotte Lenya flowing forth from the brass horn of the gramophone had lulled her into a fitful half-sleep, a moment of stillness in the TARDIS control chamber prompted Alison to open her eyes and look to the Doctor. The taciturn Time Lord seemed to be reading by the fireside in his leather lounger, a finger held between the pages of an absurdly large and ancient tome with the name “Urnst” on its spine. His cold blue eyes, however, were fixed on the Master, who was standing in his usual place at the central console, hands flat on one of its six panels.