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“Blind Eye”

Cover14b“Blind Eye” (10ND04)
by Morgan Davie

Game Master: Erin   Players: Brian, Adam
Game Date: 8 May 2016

Characters: The Doctor, The Master, Alison
Adversaries: Clockwork Robots, The Weeping Angels
Allies: The Indian Space Agency
Time: 15 July 2385 CE
Space: SS Marie-Anne Lavoisier, Sol System



Synopsis: Class is in session when the Doctor and Alison become the subjects of a peculiar lesson in a most peculiar school. The artificial gravity, perception filters, and clockwork teachers suggest a sinister curriculum at work, and expulsion from the classroom means certain death in the depths of space! Even the atmosphere of this strange place is toxic, burning the eyes and confusing the senses. Soon, the Doctor and Alison are running blind, relying on students to lead them in a desperate study of their surroundings. Together, they learn that the clockwork teachers are being directed by a more powerful and malevolent force: the Lonely Assassins who feed on time and wait in shadows for a moment of blindness in which to strike.

Teaser: “Blind Eye”

Fiction001HOSPITAL. She must be in hospital.

Through eyes still bleary with sleep, Alison Cheney found herself staring at a shield of gleaming glass just beyond the tip of her nose. And light. White light. There was a white light, as if the chamber around her was lit from within. The impulse to cover her eyes only served to demonstrate that she could not move her arms. There were heavy straps at her wrists and ankles. And it felt like hospital, the air cold and antiseptic and strangely still. Something must have happened. Something must have gone wrong. She must be in hospital.

Alison coughed, her throat sore, mind struggling amid a fog of uncertainty. But how could she be in hospital? She and the Doctor had been in ancient Babylon. She had begged for ancient Greece, and the TARDIS had brought her there. They had been looking for Herodotus, the Father of History. The last thing she remembered was standing at the Ishtar Gate, arguing with the Doctor over the bogus map he’d been foolish enough to buy from some Persian Del Boy.