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Character Sheet: The Hellgrammites

During the Doctor and Riddell’s tour of the Nine Circles of Hell, they fought against many of the “savage insect races” that once ravaged our universe but are now condemned to eternal damnation beyond. Among the most vicious of these were the Hellgrammites. A parasitic species with a unique life cycle, the Hellgrammites absorb the bodies of the dead. In the cocoons that they weave around corpses, even the dead of other species will undergo a grim metamorphosis, only to rise and live again as newborn Hellgrammites. Possessing dozens of limbs and an instinctual bloodlust, the Hellgrammites are quick and violent predators. During the Dark Times, they were a plague upon our universe. Because of this, the ancient Time Lords banished them to the accursed dimension that evokes their name.

Character Sheet: Ori

In a chic wine bar aboard the luxury starliner Dionysus, the Doctor encountered a kindred spirit: Orizrekit’Gehm. Her very name marked her as a woman of taste and refinement, for the wines produced by the Gehm family are famous on the ocean world of Adrilia and prized throughout the Third Great and Bountiful Human Empire. Ori spent her youth roaming island vineyards, developing an appreciation for the harvest and coming to learn all there is to know about winemaking. This lifetime of cultivation led to a prestigious position as chief vintner and sommelier aboard the Dionysus—and to the Doctor. As an Emahni, one of two intelligent species native to Adrilia, Ori is distinguished by her striking copper skin with its distinctive purple patterns. She is warm and outgoing, the perfect hostess, a woman known for her presence and her ingenuity. In skills, her mastery of her craft and epicurean taste overshadow all else. Ori is a consummate connoisseur with a passion for life, travel, and the finest food and drink in the galaxy. For the Doctor, she just may be the perfect travelling companion.

Character Sheet: Riddell

John Riddell is a man of action. An English big game hunter and mercenary hailing from the turn of the twentieth century, Riddell has shared many a memorable misadventure with his best mate, the Doctor. He has gone on safari with the Eighth Doctor. He has caroused through the taverns of the Scarlet Junction with the Nth Doctor. Now, he has embraced a life of chance and uncertainty as the Lost Doctor’s companion. A rugged outdoorsman who lives to challenge the odds and thrives on the thrill of the hunt, Riddell has spent a lifetime honing his senses and his hunting skills. He is an accomplished marksman, a seasoned fighter, and an expert in wilderness survival—though his arrogance and flirtatious charms tend to invite trouble of all kinds. Riddell embraces the wilderness and his greatest joy is sleeping on the savanna under an endless blanket of stars. In the Doctor, he has found a kindred spirit. Together, they bring out the best in each other.


Character Sheet: The Lost Doctor

In many ways, the Lost Doctor seems like the very antithesis of his predecessor. Vivacious, gregarious, and quick to smile, he seems to find friends with all manner of species in every corner of space and time, whilst his boundless curiosity leads him into yet more trouble than ever before. Even his choice of outfit—a cream or white linen suit, and a Panama hat he takes everywhere—highlights the contrast between light and darkness in terms of his character.

If his new persona feels in some ways like the regeneration process repelling against the status quo, then one particular aspect of his physicality is a direct consequence of the events that led to his arrival. The Nth Doctor just barely regenerated, having exposed himself to a deadly dose of radiation during a climactic effort to save the galaxy from destruction, leaving the Lost Doctor with a severe allergy that has already manifested itself as a potentially lethal hindrance in moments of high drama. Added to this, the violent regeneration process has left him bereft of a full understanding of his own origins. Gallifrey is a name he knows, but exactly where it is or why he fled his once home is knowledge that sits beyond his conscious memory.

Make no mistake, though, this new man is still the Doctor. Lost he may be as he careers through time and space, unaware of his next destination, but underpinning this incarnation’s peculiarities are his enviable ingenuity, strong resolve, and sharp senses. He may hide behind a more humble and unassuming exterior than in his recent past, but this renegade Time Lord is still a formidable figure, and his reputation precedes him for good reason.


Character Sheet: The Master

The Doctor and the Master. Theirs is a friendship—and a rivalry—that has outlived civilizations. Together, they have witnessed the fall of empires, and their never-ending conflict has led to the collapse of universes. Their fates have been inextricably intertwined by the Time Lords of Gallifrey. Following the most recent of his many deaths, the Master’s consciousness was extrapolated from the Matrix and infused in an android body. He is now a permanent fixture of the Doctor’s TARDIS, unable to leave its confines and thereby forced to aid the Doctor in his mysterious missions throughout time and space.

Most infamous of the renegade Time Lords, the Master possesses a genius level intellect that is both reckless and dangerous. His ingenuity is corrupted by his obsessions. Even in this artificial form, however, the Master’s presence is powerful. He possesses a formidable gift for hypnosis, the power to enthrall and convince others. Though it is unknown why the Time Lords have forced the Master to accompany his arch-nemesis on their enigmatic errands, he harbors secret knowledge destined to play a pivotal role in the cosmic conspiracy in which they are both embroiled. Perhaps just as significant is the fact that he is not limited by the morality that so often constrains the Doctor. Aboard the TARDIS, they endure a tense, tenuous relationship. Though they know each other better than any other, and their personal timelines have been hopelessly entangled, betrayal is a certainty.


Character Sheet: Alison

It was during the Shalka invasion of Earth that the Doctor crossed paths with Alison Cheney, a barmaid with the stubbornness, strength, and spirit to help him overthrow the underground invaders and reclaim the planet. In short order she has become his closest friend and confidant. A former and somewhat thwarted academic, Alison was drifting through her life in Lancashire. When the TARDIS appeared, she seized the opportunity to escape, even if it meant leaving her boyfriend behind in the stardust. In skills and attributes, Alison is a well-balanced Jill-of-all-trades, possessing a passing knowledge of many things but mastering few. She has a particular expertise in ancient history, which has enchanted her since childhood. Toughened by her experiences behind the bar, she is headstrong and argumentative, often challenging the Doctor with banter or sarcasm. Alison is eager to escape a humdrum life on Earth and share in the Doctor’s extraordinary journey, but she is a fiercely independent woman who is determined to find her own way.


Character Sheet: The Divinity

To many, the Divinity represent the fulfillment of great spiritual aspirations. They are the living embodiment of faith, commanding awe and blind obedience. Temples and cathedrals have been built in their honor, and countless sacrifices have been made in their name. To those who are able to see beyond their blinding aura, they represent a nigh unstoppable plague of corruption. Since the dawn of time, these ethereal heralds have used their perceptual powers to prey on lesser species, twisting religion and mythology to suit their needs. Their hand is to be witnessed in the bloody history of uncounted civilizations. Their modus operandi may evoke the Church of the Silence or the Church of the Glorious Dead but, ultimately, their undying influence is far more pervasive—and pernicious.

When faith is corrupted, the Divinity are there. When persecution overwhelms compassion, the Divinity are there. After witnessing the ungodly truth of their ministries in a struggle that resulted in devastating personal losses, the Doctor attempted to eliminate their malign influence from history. He failed, and such drastic intervention has left him at the mercy of the Time Lords. As the Divinity regain their strength and power, he is destined to face divine retribution.

The Divinity are distinctive—tall, slender creatures with luminescent skin and eyes that burn like incandescent stars. Their unique and inexplicable biology contributes to the potent mystique associated with them. They are physically weak and reflexively slow, relying on those who serve them to fight in their stead. They possess an unrivaled psychic influence, however, carried by an aura of authority or glamour. Their presence, resolve, and powers of persuasion are exceptionally strong. The Divinity are recognized according to individual belief; they adopt a preexisting position of omnipotence and dominion within the minds of their subjects, and those who face them are hideously transformed as a result.

Introduced to the mythology in “The Origin of Evil” and making their dramatic debut in “Divine Intervention,” the Divinity have been established as the dominant adversaries in our ongoing Doctor Who role-playing campaign. Variant stats for other members may be posted alongside future updates. One thing is certain: the Divinity are everlasting, and the Divinity will return.