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“Before the Storm”

“Before the Storm” (2LD03)
by Steven Dieter & Nick Seidler

Game Master: Brian   Players: Adam, Erin
Game Date: 8 April 2017

Characters: The Doctor, Riddell, Flo
Adversaries: The Ice Warriors
Allies: UNIT
Time: 12 January 2017 CE
Space: Ontario, Canada, Earth



Synopsis: The CR 238 to Toronto is going to be significantly delayed. Boarding the train, the Doctor and Riddell learn that it has become the target of saboteurs. In the first-class dining car, panicked passengers are succumbing to an unconventional poison. Among them is Brigadier General C.G.I. Coupland, a senior military official who clings to consciousness long enough to reveal that he has been placed aboard the train to safeguard the Unified Intelligence Taskforce’s most closely guarded secrets. Backup is unlikely, for outside an unexpected snow storm is becoming a full-blown blizzard!

As the train is plunged into darkness and slows to a standstill, the Doctor and his allies set out to search its secure cargo cars. There they meet up with an old friend—one of UNIT’s extraterrestrial operatives—and uncover a cache of strange and powerful artefacts bound for UNIT’s Black Archive beneath the CN Tower in Toronto. Perhaps the most powerful of these is the ion drive, a salvaged spacecraft engine that has been modified by UNIT’s boffins to operate as a means of controlling the weather! As the storm intensifies and heavily armoured alien soldiers close in on the snowbound train, the Doctor begins to understand the strategic value of Coupland’s operation and the nature of the enemy that threatens it. The Ice Warriors of Mars have been monitoring UNIT for some time, and the 238 to Toronto represents a strategic opportunity that they will not fail to seize!


“The Body Electric”

Cover011b“The Body Electric” (10ND01)
by Alasdair Stuart

Game Master: Erin   Players: Brian, Adam
Game Date: 3 October 2015

Characters: The Doctor, The Master, Alison
Adversaries: The Electroform
Allies: The Judoon, Flo
Time: 21 June 2148 CE
Space: Perseid Belt, Outer Sol System

Available: IN PDF


Synopsis: Aboard a crowded prison ship transporting criminals from every corner of the galaxy, the Doctor and Alison are deputized by the Judoon! A mysterious outbreak has infected both the police and their prisoners, and widespread sabotage of the ship’s systems has left the vessel adrift in a sea of meteoroids. The contaminated must be quarantined, but as meteoric debris begins to fracture the hull, time is running out. More bizarrely, the ship’s computer has gone haywire, and efforts to retrieve navigational data or damage reports produce only advertisements for hot dogs and classic television theme tunes. As the Doctor and Alison struggle to come to terms with a peculiar case of cultural contamination amid a shipwide jailbreak, they begin to understand the invasive nature of the hostile force holding them all hostage: the Electroform.