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“Kingdom of the Cybermen”

Cover005a“Kingdom of the Cybermen” (2ND01)
by Andrew Peregrine

Game Master: Adam   Players: Brian, Erin
Game Date: 11 October 2014

Characters: The Doctor, The Master, Selene, Mohana
Adversaries: The Cybermen
Allies: Tristan, Kahedin, Iseult
Time: 21-22 May 1261 CE
Space: Kernow, England, Earth

Continuity: The first adventure featuring the Master and Mohana.

Available: IN PDF

Synopsis: Lost in time, separated from the TARDIS, the Doctor and Selene find themselves at the centre of a medieval tournament at Tintagel Castle. The knights who carry the banner of King Mark are legend, among them Sir Kahedin and the valiant Sir Tristan. The strength and bravery of these heroes will not serve them, however, in battle against the soulless black knights who arrive at the castle to issue a grim ultimatum: submit for upgrade or be deleted. The travellers recognize these dark figures as modified Cybermen, but there is more at stake than the cyber conversion of Kingdom Kernow. A temporal paradox of incredible power has been created by these events, and the Doctor and his companion are not the only lost souls to have fallen through time.


Teaser: “Kingdom of the Cybermen”

Fiction001IT HAD been hours since they’d returned to the TARDIS. With the Emperor Claudius left cowering in his field tent, drenched in sweat and pleading for mercy, the Doctor’s work in Roman Britain was done. He was standing at the console now, a hunched and shadowy shape flipping switches with the verve of a man possessed. The control room echoed with the beeps and pings of the time capsule’s petulant computer. To Selene, such noises were a sort of birdsong, not a distraction or annoyance.

The Doctor was in a particularly snippy mood, however, and he had made it clear that he did not need her help. Instead, she had forged ahead with her own pet project—the repairs to the Master—and, after countless hours of anticipation, it seemed the android was at last on the cusp of reactivation.