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“The Origin of Evil”

Cover004b“The Origin of Evil” (1ND04)
by J. Andrew Keith

Game Master: Adam   Player: Brian
Game Date: 13 July 2014

Characters: The Doctor, Selene
Adversaries: The Rani
Allies: Claudius
Time: 20-21 August 43 CE
Space: South Gyrwas, Roman Britain, Earth

Available: IN PRINT

Synopsis: England. 43 A.D. Titus Flavius Vespasian has gone missing and the Second Augustan Legion faces a crushing defeat as its warriors die in waves. The barbarian hordes that oppose them possess uncanny strength and organization. A rogue TARDIS has landed amid this bloody theatre of war and the Roman invasion of Britain has gone terribly wrong. The legionnaires speak in hushed tones of the Sacred Wood of the Britons, the fountainhead of otherworldly evils that has brought chaos to this land and seemingly sealed the fate of the empire. Joining forces with the Emperor Claudius, the Doctor and Selene set forth on an expedition to this fearful place. There, they will face one of the Doctor’s greatest foes, and the terrible secret that she possesses will redefine human history as they know it.


Teaser: “The Origin of Evil”

Fiction001WITH THE Master’s head split into two perfectly symmetrical halves, Selene found it difficult to imagine that he had ever posed much of a threat. Grabbing for the tuft of a grey beard at his chin she lifted both halves of the polysulfone skull and gazed into his lifeless glass eyes. Propped up on a chair in the control room, lit by a shaft of bright sunlight shining through the open doors of the police box, he was little more than another of the TARDIS’s technological oddities. Still, when the Doctor spoke of him it was always through gritted teeth, and there was always trepidation in his voice. Selene laughed and let the cracked crown fall once more, taking up a pneuma-spanner from her tool belt.

Sometimes, the Doctor was too cautious. It wasn’t that he thought she was some stupid girl. Quite the opposite, in fact. Though he was unlikely to admit it, they both knew that she had only been allowed to board the TARDIS because of her unique understanding of recondite engineering. The Doctor needed the Master—for reasons he was content kept to himself—and it was just possible that she was the only one who could restore life to the mechanical man. No, the Doctor knew that she was smart enough, and strong enough, but behind his manic exterior there was a fear that he held more closely than any of his secret plans.