Roleplaying with Doctor Who!


His name is the Doctor. He comes from someplace else. He pilots the TARDIS, a box that is bigger on the inside and can travel anywhere in time and space. He’s been running all his lives, every second of every minute of every day for over two thousand years. He’s fought for peace in a universe at war. As malign forces from across the stars conspire to end his fabled journey, his time may be running out.

New Doctor, new adventures! Follow the TARDIS from medieval England to the furthest reaches of the Medusa Cascade in an ongoing role-playing game campaign based on Cubicle 7’s Doctor Who Roleplaying Game. This online chronicle offers an episode guide documenting the essential details of each new adventure as the Doctor and his companions battle familiar monsters and unexpected dangers. It also features fiction, artwork, character stats, and other gameplay materials inspired by the campaign. Join us in celebrating more than fifty years of Doctor Who and prepare yourself for all-new adventures in time… and space!