Roleplaying with Doctor Who!



The Nth Doctor  (Richard E Grant)


1ND01  “Ghost Town”
1ND02  “Contagion of the Daleks”
1ND03  “The Hartlewick Horror”
1ND04  “The Origin of Evil”

2ND01  “Kingdom of the Cybermen”
2ND02  “Catatonia”
2ND03  “Divine Retribution”
2ND04  “Planet of Ghosts”

5ND00  “The Vintner’s Luck”
5ND01  “Empire of the Rani”
5ND02  “The Age of Prosperity”
5ND03  “The Atlantean”
5ND04  “Ascension”

AND01  “Scream of the Shalka”
AND02  “The Feast of the Stone”

10ND01  “The Body Electric”
10ND02  “Barge of the Dead”
10ND03  “Time and Tide”
10ND04  “Blind Eye”

ΩND01 “Destiny and the Doctor”



The Lost Doctor  (Jeremy Brett)

1LD01  “Lost and Found”
1LD02  “Honour Bound”
1LD03  “The Edge of Extinction”
1LD04  “The Life and Deaths of Gustaf Urnst”

2LD01  “Magla”
2LD02  “The Wrath of Rassilon”
2LD03  “Before the Storm”
2LD04  “The Starmind”